Medium Voltage (MV) Connections

We at Harp Electrical Engineering have been helping our clients move away from diesel powered generators to Medium Voltage ( MV ) Connections.

Grid Connections – having the expertise to carry out the connections gives us a great advantage. We assist our clients in becoming more effective in the way they operate.

Benefits of MV Connection:

  •  Eliminates the fuel bill.
  •  Reduces the man hours to monitor and maintain the generator.
  •  Helps you become more productive and efficient.

Installed MV Connections

We have installed MV Connections for our clients in Ireland and the UK.

Our list of clients consists of:

  • Oxigen Environmental, Dublin
  • Panda Waste Recycling, Meath/Dublin
  • Thorntons Waste Recycling, Dublin
  • New Earth Solutions, Bristol
  • Powerday, London

Connections range in the 10kv – 36kv range.

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